Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Melissa


How shall I say this? I was never a big MM fan. I loved the song, "Don't Cry Out Loud", but more for Peter Allen having written it than for her pop success with it. Other hits of hers more or less hit me and bounced off. Hey, what can I say? But once upon a time, I did like her. I imagine that back in the early 70s, I heard that one of Bette Midler's back-up singers was going solo and I made it a point to pick up the lp, which I did. I really dug "Home To Myself" and played the heck out if it. I felt (at the time) that it showed great promise, but for me, Melissa dropped the ball. I don't own this CD, so I've done a very amateurish job of getting it onto youtube via vinyl. Beware of snap, crackle & pop.

This "concept album", written by Manchester and Carole Bayer Sager is quite something. The barely disguised metaphors fly from track to track, revealing a wanton and moist Manchester. On "Something to Do with Loving You", she holds nothing back when she proclaims that she's, "rubbin' up against the table, 'cause being bad is so good". Similarly, on "If it Feels Good (Let it Ride)" MM proclaims, "If it makes you rise, than let it ride". Nevertheless, at least in 1973, it worked for me.

I see that I can download these from iTunes. Sorry. I also see that it was once available on CD and they are now selling for $50.00 and up.

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