Monday, February 28, 2011

So long honey!

Last June 21st, we gave a shout out to Janie on her 89th. One can only hope that the bra with the propellers is helping her wend her way up, up, up, where she belongs.

Yahrtzeit! Zara Cully-1978

Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's Sunday morning.....

....and I'd like a second hag cup.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm Considering Remodelling

Do you think Abby or Ann had this in their rumpus room?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fortune Cookie

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pu-Pu Platter of the Day

I've been remiss at posting, forgive me. I am trying to put something together, but alas, 
I am slow. In the meantime, I'm simply going to throw a few things up so that if you 
happen to pass through, you won't be bored.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I'm so shocked by this, I just had to share my shock with you.


Today's Nature Documentary

My Name is Modesty Joan Brolin

Monday, February 14, 2011


So nu darlings? Any thoughts on last night? 
And please, don't hold back.

Sunday, February 13, 2011



Saturday, February 12, 2011


 TEST TUBES- circa 1943.


Yes, that's right! My buddy did take a few more photos while he was roaming 
about the stage back all those years ago. While my other photos posed 
vexing, yet ultimately answered questions (YAY!), these I believe, are fairly 
straight forward. Ford Motor Company was a sponsor, so hence these shots.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Here's our girl this past Sunday, looking amazing well. Seems her prince released these photos so that the world could see that dear Zsa is alert, awake and diggin' that birthday cake. He says that Engelbert Humperdink welcomed her home from her latest stint in hospital and gave her a wee serenade as well.

I guess we mustn't write off this pillar of strength. Do we dare 
imagine La Gabor reaching her centennial?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Monday, February 7, 2011

Tonight on TCM

I noticed that Mrs. Miniver is playing this evening on Turner Classics and couldn't let this showing go by without mentioning a little something. You surely noticed my recent post where I gushed about Downton Abbey and how excited I was that another season is in the works. Well, here's a little something I noticed whilst (and yes, I use this word all the time!) watching that final episode.

If you recall, The Countess of Grantham, the marvelous Dame Maggie Smith, is about to announce the winner of the annual flower show. It's already been established that she wins it every year. Mrs. Reginald Crawley, the equally marvelous Penelope Wilton, has let the countess know that she wins every year simply because of her social status. Of course, Maggie poo-poos this. Mrs. Crawley points out that that "lowly" Mr. Molesley's roses are far superior and he ought to win. While at the podium, the countess is handed the paper with the winner's name and it reads as it has read every year; it names her the winner. Quite surprisingly and surely out of character, the countess accedes and magnanimously awards the prize to the deserving Molesley.

In Mrs. Miniver, Lady Belden, played by another marvelous dame, May Whitty, is persuaded by Mrs. Miniver to present the award to Mr. Ballard, the stationmaster. He has bred a rose and named it after the exquisite Mrs. Miniver and has entered this rose in the annual flower show. Lady Belden, also at the podium, is handed paper and sees her name as winner, but realizes that Mrs. Miniver is right. Because of her status, Belden is always awarded the cup. It is here that she digs deep and gives away her own prize, thrilling all in attendance.

When the flower show scene on Downton Abbey unfolded and I saw the same plot line taking shape, I screamed, "The Belden Rose!!" Of course, no one in the room knew what I was talking about. Since then, I found there are lots of folks who picked up on this and wrote about it. Like I said, with Greer on tonight and Downton Abbey still fresh in the mind, I thought a mention was necessary.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

She made it.

"Hey Miss Gabor, you want the pink cupcake with one candle or the sheet cake with 94?"

La Movida

Once upon a time, I was going to school and one of my classes was espanol. During this time, I became entranced by Veronica Castro and her TV show, "La Movida." I adored how it was okay to be tacky in Mexico (her clothes, her sets, her guests). I've been cleansing for a procedure all weekend, so I'm delirious, hungry and not responsible for anything I say.

¡Se Me Gusta!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Where's the Bat Boy when you need him?

Here's a letter (and it's reply) sent in 1972 by the New York Yankees to Mickey Mantle.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I came across a ridiculous site the other day. I Loathe Lucy proclaims to be a collection of recollections by famous folks who worked with dear Miss Ball. The author of this blog, who is a mystery, has reinterpreted the "supposed" (my opinion and quotation marks) remarks of the celebs. He/she claims these are the words of the famous, gleaned from biographies, autobiographies, articles or hearsay, but all these remarks read eerily alike. The "author" of the blog has limitations and I think you'll agree with me that these are just the insane rantings of someone who certainly didn't like Lucy Ball. That said, the entries are hilarious. I'm gonna grab a few memorable lines, exactly as written and post them here, but you can go and peruse them all.

Patty Andrews on Lucy:

"Then Lucy took Maxene and myself aside. She said, "I bet you two sisters would 
want to do a little Les Love." Maxene was about to get sick. Lucy then offered to film it. I thought Lucy must be a lesbian but later on Lucie Jr. told me that her mother wasn't a lesbian; she just like the idea that we were sisters. And any sex that was weird and perverted turned her on."

Sally Field on Lucy:

"I told her I was now on the popular "The Girl with Something Extra." Right away Miss Ball's eyes lit up. I only realized much later what a pervert she was. She said to me, "Oh you have something EXTRA. I bet it is between your legs eh? Can I film it?" I was so disgusted by her twisted behaviour. Then she DEMANDED to see it. I told her she was wrong. I could hardly tell off a "legend" but she actually used her considerable girth to push me aside and she ripped off my pants and underwear. Then she started hollering "Where's that extra part I wanna see."

Liberace on Lucy:

"I was walking home when suddenly right out in the middle of Fifth Avenue in New York City, "Bitch Ball" lurched forward out of the darkness. "I got to have you, " screamed the hideous bitch. And she dropped her skirt exposing her crusted over, fish smelling twat. That's right Lucille Ball was exposing herself right there in the middle of Fifth Avenue in New York City. Of course one look at "Bitch Ball's" twat and I instantly turned gay. That's right Lucy made me a homosexual. I immediately ran home sobbing all the way home."

If you visit this warped destination, like me, you may be amazed at the work this person did (I'm not commenting on having an editor or fact checker). I'm wondering if it might have been a disgruntled employee? Anyway, 
I got a big hoot out of it. I just love the tale of how Lucy was basically responsible for Marlon Brando's death..

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


You probably have forgotten all about the post I did back in December asking for the name of the mystery group appearing on Hullabaloo. Well, after asking half the world, I've found out who they are. Here they are performing their hit, "No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In)"......

These guys, then known as The T-Bones, disbanded and three of them became Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds. They had two big hits, "Don't Pull Your Love" and "Fallin' In Love."

Will Zsa Zsa make it to 94 this Sunday?