Thursday, February 11, 2010

Okay MJ, here's a few of those names.....

I copied these out of the Toledo, Ohio phone book back in 1990. As you will see, the last names, in parenthesis, are almost alphabetical. Literally, almost every single name was kind of insane! My sides were killing me by the time I got to the end of the "B's", so I quit.


  1. Thank you for indulging me, Miss Desmond.

    Whenever I see the name "Cletus" I can't help but think of white trash.

    Oh, I see there's a feminine equivalent ... "Cleta".

    And "Earlynne" if it's pronounced "Ear-LEEN" as I think it is, sounds decidedly trashy too.

    I'm going to be muttering "Bubulys" all day.

    And next time I'm in a hotel, I'm tempted to sign in as "Novella Ball."


  2. Perfect for the waspy set, classic!! Please write a book on new baby names.

  3. Trailer park names?


    Alvis, Adelbert, Elvis, ANYNAME (plus) Bob, Beverly, Cletus, Clovis, Earl (unless you have Peerage and it precedes you normal first name), Earle, Evelyn, Estil, Eldred, Chaz, Rex, Harley, Willis, Jayden, Hernando (unless you are latino), Duke (see Earl), Axel, Vernal, Charlemagne, Cyrus, Vernal, Novice, Cooter, Sylvester, and my favorite: Critter (I've seen the birth certificate).


    Corlis, Corva, Cora, Cora-Nell, Nova, Star-Noel, Crystal, Tonya, Elnora, Marvel, Undene, Yolonda, Twila, Shirlene, Margarete, Antoinette, Consuelo (unless you are a latina), Gert, Trudy, Kayla, Trina, Starlynne, Brook-Lynn, Britney, Tiffany, Rhonda, Ronette, Bobette, Chevette, Charlene, Windy, Sunny, Bree and Tami.

    Multiple birth names - actual people I know from back home:

    Twins: Fern & LaVerne
    Triplets: April, Maye & June (their middle names are Faith, Hope & Charity)

  4. why thank you everyone for such wonderful comments! and i suppose i should thank toledo too. couldn't have done it without nw ohio.

    i don't know if i could pick a favorite from my two lists, but i sure am loving those triplets that ATCC knew.

  5. Knowing what a litigious society you live in down there in the USA, is it possible for those triplets to sue over those names?

  6. it is so important to have a fulfilling hobby. good for you. and i fear that it is Miss Pilbeam to you.

  7. Of twins Fern and LaVerne, LaVerne died, Fern is in Tennessee. The two played basketball with my mother the year their team won the county championship.

    Of the Pugh triplettes (pronounced "Pew"), only "Chat" (June Charity) is still alive. And she hates being called "June". Prefers being being called Charity, Chat, Chatty. "You know," she said to me a couple years ago (she was 90 I think) when we were talking about how much we hated our names, "When I went to France in 1945 with the (Army Nurses) Corps, a woman in Normandy told me that the French word for cat is "'la Chat' - that means 'the cat.' Thats me - 'catlike'."

    Got to love a woman who is 90 and 'cat like'.


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