Monday, March 29, 2010


"Sorry I can't wait, I'm going out to dinner" were the words Mrs. Paul Saxon uttered to her poor, beleaguered husband as she jumped into the '58 Desoto coupe, ultimately killing them both. The Saxon's were Chrysler people, Paul having had his own '58 Newport (I think) convertible. I just loved those Forward Look cars tooling around Paris. Similarly, I swooned during "Julie & Julia" when the Child's Buick station wagon was shown zooming up a Parisian rue. I thought someone might recognize the design on the gas and brake pedals as Chrysler items. I'm not sure how long that was standard with Mopars, but I imagine it went well into the 60s. And don't worry, I'm well aware that Rae would have nothing to do with any plebeian automobile, choosing to wend her way through Paris in a magnificent Mercedes.

Susan and MJ, your Tippi Hedrin guess was excellent! I bet Hitch did order a shot just like Vera's.

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  1. What a grand day it is for me to finally get a mystery photo correct without having Constance Beresford spelled out on the pic to assist me.

    Love your new header, by the way.


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