Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Once again, here's the results....

Snapshot #1 below is Annabella, the French actress who married Tyrone Power in 1939. This was probably taken for "Bridal Suite" which was released May 26, 1939. Of course, I'm leery of this since the date on my snapshot is March 14, 1939. Upon further inspection, I find that Annabella, (who portrayed Luise Anzengruber) played opposite Robert Young (who portrayed Neil McGill). If you look closely at the monogram on Annabella's pajamas, I'm thinking I see an "N" an "M" and I think a smaller "C" under that "M". And from the looks of the snapshot, she's obviously wearing someone else's clothes, the sleeves are way too long. So, I guess post production at MGM could be veddy, veddy speedy. Born Suzanne Georgette Charentier, Annabella died of a heart attack in France, 1996. She was 89.

Yes, snapshot #2 was a cinch to guess. Imagine if all the photos had had this information? Connie was a staple on 60s television. Many knew her from "Another World" playing Ada Hobson. On this day, she was at MGM in "The Last Hunt" with Robert Taylor, Stewart Granger and Lloyd Nolan.

As far as I was concerned, #3 was easy too. My scan lopped off the date, June 29, 1946 and I find it completely useless. Everything Bogie did around then was for Warners, so why was MGM taking his photo? I'm stumped. Interesting shot of the wiry little bugger, eh?

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