Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Ladies!

Anyone who knows anything about anything knows and adores Jill. Watching her in An Unmarried Woman and Starting Over were near accidents on life's highway. good accidents. Wikishmiki says that her next role is in something called Dirty Tricks where she plays Pat Nixon, but I find no corroborating evidence of that anywhere. It's a crime that her profile isn't higher.

I'm aware that Cloris was on a dancing show which I don't watch. More recently, though a mere blip, she did share the dais with Debbie Reynolds and RuPaul on Drag Race a few weeks ago and did well. Seems whenever I see her in something current, she's been typecast as the brash, gnarly, straight-talkin' mom, which is okay....work is work. Supposedly, she auditioned to reprise her role as Frau Blucher for Mel Brooks when he was mounting Young Frankenstein, the musical, based on the film in which Cloris appeared. Seems she didn't land the role because Mel Brooks thought Leachman, at 81, was too old for the role. "We don't want her to die on stage," he told columnist Army Archerd." Did anyone ever notice how Phyllis Lindstrom on The Mary Tyler Moore Show became an entirely different person on the spinoff Phyllis? Yes, I know Lou Grant wasn't the same Lou Grant on Lou Grant, but jumping from sitcom to drama begged a personality transplant, but sitcom to sitcom? Rhoda didn't morph into someone else. Just sayin'.

Eve, Eve, Eve, what didn't you do. Sure, as she aged, she looked like Vincent Price's twin sister, but dear Eve, the quintessential sidekick made everything she appeared in better. Especially when she gave that look. Not this look, but that other look....you know.


  1. CLORIS~~I remember back in the 70's when Cloris was starring in "Phyllis" she gave a T.V. Guide interview where she stated that water itself was the fountain of youth. Judging by the above photo, she's thirsty.
    EVE~~~The hat that Eve is wearing illustrates visually what it is like to have a paralyzing aneurysm.
    JILL~~Whenever I see Jill I always think of the scene in "Gable and Lombard" when she shouts "Cock-A-Doodle-Do, Any Cock will Do!". A phrase I myself have been known to use.
    ~~Great ladies all.

  2. I have been known as well to use that phrase "Any Cock will Do".


  3. oh cloris, how I love thee

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  5. Uff, my grammar and spelling went down an even more troubled path than usual

    Meanwhile I only have a very vague recollection of Phyllis in her own spin-off.

    She was the most pathetic, self-absorbed individual, maimed by psychological traumas from her childhood and forever cursed into a crippled personality that would only expose her to more wounding experiences.

    We became fast friends into an eye blink - we had sooo much in common

    Pity that Phyllis is not out in dvd :(

  6. mr.fellini, if i'm correct in surmising that you're referring to phyllis lindstrom's personality, than you won't want to ever see "phyllis". she lived with a bunch of morons (in san francisco, i think) and she walked around exasperated by it all. what had been so yummy on MTM was obliterated for bad pablum.

    don't be sad.


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