Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Miz Lora ain't gonna be too happy wit you chile!

As I'm sure you know, TCM recently had it's very first film festival in Los Angeles. It's a pity I wasn't there. What follows is an excerpt of an interview that Robert Osborne had (on stage) with Juanita Moore after a screening of Imitation of Life. I just had to print this!

Osborne commented that Lana and her daughter became very close as the years went on. "Not that close," Moore countered dismissively.

Osborne: Her daughter would probably disagree with that.

Moore: Her daughter was tall....

Osborne: Still is....

Moore: ...and Lana was the opposite, y'know? She was so petite. I know that her daughter was very displeased with the way she looked, because we talked about it. She said she looked like a man and I said, "C'mon, you don't look like any man I know."

Osborne: She's a beautiful girl today.

Moore: She is?!

Osborne: Yes, she is. She was supposed to be with us today. She was with us this morning for the screening of The Bad and the Beautiful. She's beautiful, Cheryl Crane.

Moore: Oh! I'd like to see her. She's big and beautiful?

Osborne: No, she's just beautiful.

Moore: Not fat?

Osborne: No, she's tall and quite beautiful.

Moore: I wish Lana could have lived to see that.

Osborne: She did.

Moore: No, she didn't!

Osborne: I would never argue with you about anything.

Moore: I saw Lana three days before she died so I know she didn't live to see her daughter beautiful like that. I'm still living and I haven't seen her beautiful like that, though I hope to God she is.


  1. LOL!!!!!

    For the record, though, Cheryl Crane turned into a stunner in the 1960's, and has stayed remarkably attractive since, so Miz Laura did, indeed, live to see her awkward little girl blossom into a beauty.

  2. God I love it when people get to that age where they decide there's no one left to impress or ingratiate and they just don't much care what comes out of their mouth anymore.

    Can't wait.


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