Monday, June 13, 2011

LYN REVSON...6/10/2011

Charles Revson's third wife Lyn was his trophy. According to Andrew Tobias, 
writer of a terrific bio of the founder/bastard of Revlon, Fire and Ice, (which you can read online!) Lyn was a remarkably good fit with the street savvy Revson. Though both had wandering eyes, they managed to remain together for about 10 years. 

"Charles taught Lyn to blend her makeup. "Now," she says, "people don't even think I wear any. Actually, my makeup list is a yard long."His feeling about makeup was -- ironically -- that most women use too much. Older women try to cover their wrinkles and wind up looking terrible. He bemoaned the problems he had trying to get his mother-in-law to use less.
To achieve her natural look, Lyn merely scrubbed with Ultima II Skim Milk Liquid Facial Soap followed by Ultima II Astringent Toner followed by Etherea B.C.O. Face Oil followed by Ultima II Transparent Bronzing Tint, Ultima II Blushing Creme (in Deep Sienna), and Ultima II Color Gel Stick in Bronzelit Copper to tint the chin, cheeks, and forehead. She listed twenty other Revlon products for the eyes, lips, scent, sun, and bath. Women's Wear faithfully recorded each one."

"Lyn went on to tell her interviewer how, when she finished making up, Charles would come over to her and pat her forehead and cheeks with a Kleenex. "It is his way of telling me, 'Now you look perfect,'" she said. "On the other hand, when I tell him I like his hair when it is longer, he gets a haircut. And that's his way of telling me that he is the authority."

If you haven't read this book, do. Chuck put a 
magnifying mirror on the under side of his toilet seat lid so that he 
(and everyone else)would always feel like the kings they really 
were when they pissed. Oh, Lyn wrote her own book, 
Lyn Revson's World of Style: How to Join It and Live It
I haven't read Lyn's book, but I feel the "how to" part has 
something to do with marrying someone like Charles Revson.


  1. "World of Style: How to Join It and Live It"

    TJB could have written the same book.

  2. I will, per Charles, ask for 'very old pickles' from now on!

  3. mj, i think TJB's writing it as i write.

    margaret, revson didn't know everything.
    old pickles are awful. i just threw a jar out.

  4. I think I will recruit one of MJ's houseboys to dab me.


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