Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Though all your guesses were delightful, 
no one came up with our mystery guest. 
Sultry Ann Sheridan, "Oomph Girl" of the 1940s 
never achieved the stardom she deserved. Though featured 
in over 80 films, she never broke through and gained 
big-time success. By the 1950s, her film career had slowed 
and the '60s found her with a part on the daily soap, 
"Another World." In 1966, she starred in the western 
themed comedy, "Pistols 'n' Petticoats". 
By 1967, she was dead at 51 from cancer. 

I was surprised when I came upon this snapshot; 
I'd never seen a photo of her looking so lousy.

Here's the intro to an episode of "Pistol's 'n' Petticoats" which featured sweet Ruth McDevitt, who was in EVERYTHING.



  1. "Oomph Girl," "It Girl," "Material Girl,"...

    What kind of girl are YOU, Norma?

  2. Now she looked like an older version of herself in the video, but I don't see it in her face in the upper pick - the nose doesn't seem right.

  3. Frankly, I refuse to believe it. Refuse!

  4. I still want to know where I can get the wallpaper?

  5. mj: what kind of girl am i? i'll have to ask the tranny i work with.

    cookie: i thought she looked sick on the TV show and turns out she was.

    thom: ain't it the truth.

    david: try the flocks 'n fantasy wallpaper book at your local paint shop.

  6. margaret: ann had a mole. you just can't see it. you don't wanna see it.

  7. Norma, some heavy air brushing for most of Ann's photos, and this contest was like finding a mountain in a mole hill!

  8. F'd over by my own Oracle. How does one go on after that?

  9. With all respect or Ms Sheridan, sorry to interrupt:

    Found this just this minute. ZsaZsa technically becomes mother ...

  10. mago darling, Ich spreche nicht Deutsch!

  11. Sorry Norma. The hairdresser is going to adopt a German starlet to make her a princess. She uttered something like she'd take Hollywood by storm, he's in with 20 percent as "manager".


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