Sunday, February 7, 2010

Four Fabulous Broads, Born 2/8

When Lana got old, she looked like E.T. When young, whoa.

Dame Edith in "The Chalk Garden". I was a very young kid when I saw this movie on TV. I wanted to be not Deborah Kerr, not Hayley Mills, but Edith.

from David Patrick Columbia at New York Social Diary:

Years ago the late Audrey Meadows told me she was walking down Madison Avenue one weekday mid-afternoon in early Spring with a friend.

They were strolling along, enjoying the beautiful day. She was in from Beverly Hills where she lived and was exhilarated being in New York. She was wearing a large pear-shaped diamond on a gold string necklace. Suddenly, out of nowhere, on the corner of 63rd and Madison, a tall man, well-dressed man in hat and coat, shoved her up against the wall, held her at what felt like gunpoint in her stomach, looked her right in the eye, (terrifying her momentarily) and with the other hand ripped the necklace from her neck, and was gone. It happened so quickly that even passers-by failed to notice until he was fled into the crowded street. She never got it back and he was never apprehended.

Betty Field in anything.


  1. I wonder if that bastard was the same creep who stole Arlene Francis's beloved heart-shaped necklace, which she wore on every single episode of What's My Line. It happened in much the same manner, in broad daylight, in the same neighborhood.

    Also the same neighborhood where I had my Cartier watch ripped off of my wrist. They'll get theirs someday!

  2. leave it to you to end up linked with rarefied company in the "right" neighborhood getting mugged!


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